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Chingup Marketplace Voucher Token (CNGUP)

CNGUP is not a cryptocurrency, it is a promotional voucher
usable and exchangeable for cash and goods,
only in and on the Chingup Marketplace.

Key Features:


We compensate our customers for everything they do. Because of this our customers do more for the project. That value is stored in the Chingup Marketplace Voucher Token (CNGUP) and can be converted to USD at any time. This utilitarian tool is where we store that community value paid out for one's own efforts. How does that work? There are only 1 billion tokens to ever exist. They are locked in the User Bonus Valut (UBV). Chingup manages them, but does not own them. They belong to and were designed for the current and future users of the platform. Users earn CNGUP in two ways:
1 - Customers "unlock" stored tokens when they receive bonuses (like cash back) on their own actions and transactions.
2 - Customers receive ongoing bonuses when they refer others.


Although the Chingup Token (CNGUP) can be converted to USD at any time (sold to the user liquidity pool), it was not designed as a tool for price speculation. CNGUP is a tool for returning value individually to those in the community who give value to the community (use it and/or do referrals and introductions). However, the Chingup Token is scarce. Only 1-Billion tokens can ever exist (were minted). They are stored in the User Bonus Vault (UBV), and released only when paid to customers as ongoing earned bonuses. There is no other way that the tokens come out of the UBV. When users choose to swap their CNGUP for USD they are paid instantly and their CNGUP enters the ULP (User Liquidity Pool) and only then are they available for others to buy or trade. As the UBV shrinks and the ULP grows, greater liquidity, volume and stability is generated for the community to use CNGUP in the Chingup Marketplace.


Ongoing bonuses and user rewards are just part of the value that CNGUP offers the community. Businesses can accept USD and CNGUP on the platform as a means of payment for goods and services, since CNGUP can always instantly be converted to USD. Plus, like everyone else, businesses get CNGUP bonuses for their own usage of the Chingup Marketplace platform. Each business that brings a new user to the platform, earns greater ongoing referral bonuses in CNGUP.


Anyone selling items on any website can easily set up our Chingup Merchant Gateway Widget. This simple bit of code (placed on your website) allows your customers to pay for your products with the Chingup platform. Best of all, it's FREE to use, and all of your transactions are FREE. Your customers can pay you with USD or with any CNGUP they have in their Chingup account. Also, the CNGUP token is a tradable on but it can be gifted or transferred and sent between users, family, friends, or as a payment to local and international businesses for FREE. Friendly messages can be sent (on with gifts attached to facilitate your introductions. Using this "send" tool, a text message introduction (a bonusable action) might go like this:

"Hi Tim,
Here is a little gift because I love ya!
[50 CNGUP] attached.
Sincerely, Andrew."

When Tim clicks to open the link, his new account has 50 CNGUP, as well as a bonus for (Tim) opening the account.

It's that easy! Chingup!


Ecosystem key metrics for valuation and evaluation.

1 Billion
(to ever exist)
User Bonus Valt (UBV)
(extractable only in user bonus payouts)
(owned and in use)
User Liquidity Pool (ULP)
(available for trading)
  • Price
  • $0.01 1 day HIGH
  • $0.01 Last trade
  • $0.01 1 day LOW
  • $0.01 1 day AVERAGE
  • $0.01

    Current Price
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  • Circulation
  • 1,000,000,000 in existence (minted)
  • 990,578,335 in UBV/Unissued
  • 9,421,665 Total Issued (in Community)
  • 0 Liquidity for trade (in ULP)
  • $94,217

    CNGUP Token Market Cap
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  • Volume
  • 0 1 day ave volume
  • 0 1 week ave volume
  • 0 1 month ave volume
  • 0 1 year ave volume
  • 0

    24 hour Average Volume
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The Marketplace.

The Chingup Marketplace Token is a native coupon of value for the Chingup Marketplace. When users on and refer others or incur a fee, they are paid a "Cash Back" bonus in this token. It's SO easy in fact, that users can adopt it and use it without even having to learn anything. Most people don't know about the wires that move their money. Most people don't know about the gateways that complete a transaction and they shouldn't have to learn it. What excites people? A transaction service that will makes buying things easier, and selling things quick, easy and FREE. Chingup!

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The Marketplace

The Team

Meet the people driving the Chingup Marketplace vision,
infusing their talent into the most innovatively easy transaction platform in existance.


Andrew Dean Hyder

CEO, CTO & Founder

Andrew Dean Hyder is a pioneer in software engineering, banking security, quantitative analysis, and finance. A self-described "geek at heart", Hyder innovates in corporate governance, compliance, and business development. He has written numerous books and noteworthy white papers on finance technology and the future. With a history of pushing boundaries in software and search, Hyder founded his first public company in 1999 and developed an invention that became one of the most profitable business strategies in history (currently in use by Google). Hyder is the Founder of Chingup Incorporated.

Manuel Aleixo

Manuel Aleixo

Strategic Advisor

As the Strategic Advisor to the Management of Chingup. We benefit from Aleixo's keen understanding of market psychology; a critical and complex challenge as we scale our financial products. Manuel Aleixo, ("Manny") is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and creative minds in marketing and brand building. He has created building, real estate and telecommunication companies that have exceeded Billions of dollars in sales. Throughout his career he is known to have a keen understanding of the markets, building relationships and an acumen for sales and negotiation.


Sharon Rae Hyder

CFO and Director

Sharon Rae Hyder holds an MBA and a BA in Business Finance. With 27 years of regulatory IRS/tax and audit experience as well as many industry certifications her background in public, private, and academic work, make her well suited to Chingup. Sharon was Secretary and CFO for Subjex Corporation, a publicly-traded software company as well as CFO for Optidynamic Communications Inc., a Virginia broadband Corporation. Mrs. Hyder also provides accounting services for Public and Private Companies throughout the United States. Sharon is also the mother of Andrew Hyder, Chief Executive Officer of Chingup.


Rahat Hussain

Chief Engineer

Rahat Hussain graduated with a Master of Computer Science Degree from the University of Pakistan. He has developed and built numerous autonomous systems for some 400 businesses (from around the world) in the areas of responsive (mobile device friendly) web integrations, APIs, and e-commerce security applications. Husain is multi-lingual as well as fluent in many computer programming languages and platforms. He had been building software solutions since 1999, while obtaining additional aptitude certifications and verifications including a Post Graduate Diploma In Information Technology, and the Skill Development Council Pakistan 2005.


Susana Velez

Research Analyst

Susana Velez is a certified Business Analyst and Translator. She brings over 20 years of experience in editorial, technology, and research. As Research Analyst of Chingup Velez oversees the editorial direction and general communications of the Company, providing clear and accurate information to ensure that the brand continues to serve its respective audience with its customer centric core beliefs and values, to become the best product and customer service organization in the industry. Velez is responsible for editing, publishing and maintaining the internal documentation, process maps, policies, and knowledge base of Chingup Incorporated that enable front-line support teams to deliver fast, accurate, high-quality support for our customers and to ensure that our platform is a safe, open, and an engaging place Chingup users. Velez also contributes to a profit-sharing translating platform where she has translated several psychology and fiction books currently published. Her translating experience has provided her with the skills necessary to be a meticulous analytical problem solver and with the ability to distill complex concepts and systems into clear simple language. She has a passion for editing and an outstanding attention to detail.


Mark Fraser

Customer Operations Manger

As Customer Operations Manager and Trainer, Fraser offers assistance to all the current and potential customers of Chingup as well as training others who aid in the department. Answering questions, fixing problems, and providing excellent service is the main goal. Frasers long background in building strong relationships with customers and constituents has been a lifelong pursuit for Fraser. With a background in telecommunications marketing and credit finance, he is the perfect leader to build our team and establish customer centric procedures for technical problems. Fraser has a history of promoting positive practices using his extensive studies in psychology and sales satisfaction. With incredible communication skills, Fraser knows how to cure tech issues and follow the issue back to its origin so that the team can build or change infrastructure to avoid the original issue for future customers. This "feedback loop" Customer Service Policy is not just important, it is essential to our Customers first reason for being.


Theresa Fisher

Media Relations

Theresa Fisher is a Social Media Strategist/Marketer. She has a passion for collaborating with inventors, non-profit founders and other business leaders. She brings brands to the forefront of their social environment. Fisher comes from an extensive background in customer service, along with sales & marketing. She is known for her ability to communicate creative thinking and strategic planning in growing social awareness for each brand she partners with. Fisher builds lifelong connections with those she collaborates and yet could be considered a bit of a social butterfly, in that her niches are extensive. Fisher is excited about the Chingup technology and the current methodology we are building for our users.

Richard Schafrick

Richard Schafrick

Advisor to Board

As a finance advisor to the Board of Directors, Richard Schafrick, graduated from Stetson University in Florida USA with a Bachelor of Business Administration. He was an active member of the executive passport program at the university with a focus on the latest Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Business/ E-Business and Information Technology practices, skills, etiquette. In his role with Chingup, Mr. Schafrick provides advice to Chingup in financial areas of planned growth. As we grow Chingup has complex financial needs. Schafrick's experience in sales to new and existing High Net Worth (HNW) clients as well as an in-depth knowledge of investments, credit and banking will aid the company to make good growth decisions. Schafrick is the founder and CEO of Titan Service Industry. The Industrial service company offers. Planned maintenance, emergency and turnkey equipment and plant installations for the ready-mix concrete, mining, and power generation industries.

Our Timeline.

From Pakistan to Ecuador to the USA, our team never stops working to bring easy, secure and FREE transactions to our customers. Please note our timeline and watch this site for updates.

Plan Execution   A   B   C   D  E F   G    H     I    J


Token Deployment



A - Corporate structure, jurisdictional compliance, MSB, KYC, AML.
B - Referral system complete.
C - CNGUP voucher token deployment.
D - USD on/off ramps complete. (ACH, CC & various rails)
E - CNGUP liquidty pool active (trading begins)
F - Transaction Gateway deployment ("Pay with Chingup" website widget)
G - Chingup Marketplace Launch. (Venders buy & sell products & services).
H - To be Announced.